Today, I am extremely excited to finally announce the launch of ClipMine — the world’s first smart video annotation platform that personalizes the online video discovery and viewing experience for everyone.

The idea of ClipMine grew out of my own frustration from interacting with online videos. Unless you have the intention of watching every video in its entirety, it is almost impossible to find the parts that matter most to you. This problem only gets worse for longer videos, where most people either drop off at the beginning, or use the video player scrubber to randomly scan the video in the hopes of finding something interesting.

In my opinion, the reason behind the current archaic state of video players and outdated search platforms is that they were primarily designed for a linear viewing experience for videos focused on a single topic. For more meaningful video content like lectures, video-game sessions, product reviews, DIY videos, etc., existing video discovery and consumption tools simply do not work.

“…we are reimagining online video by making video players more aware of the content being played”

With ClipMine, we are reimagining online video by making video players more aware of the content being played.  This requires efforts on two fronts: understanding the video content, and building a personalized video viewing experience based on that understanding. We use both crowdsourcing and machine intelligence to tag interesting points inside online videos. Then, using our Content-Aware Video Player, anyone can share or embed the tagged videos with their audience to help them discover and view the content that matters most to them.

As an example, here is a video tagged by 6 different users (including our bot) and embedded using ClipMine:

Using our player, you can visually scan the video’s contents, skip to the tags that you are most interested in, and share/bookmark specific parts. You can also search inside the video using the search box on the bottom left. We have more tagged video samples here.

“a tag inside a video becomes a unit of discovery, sharing and navigation (say goodbye to timestamps!)”

With ClipMine, a tag inside a video becomes a unit of discovery, sharing and navigation (say goodbye to timestamps!). Once added, a tag is discoverable by anyone — unlike the timestamps shared between two people. You can skip to a tag by just clicking on it, and each tag has a unique link which takes the visitors directly to its starting point. A tag can be individually bookmarked, adding it to your personal collection. For the content owners and creators, these tags also become a better way of visualizing the video engagement analytics.

Crowdsourced tagging is meaningless without quality control. That’s where ClipMine Editors come into picture. Our editors are handpicked users and staff members that flag bad tags and spammers. With a great track record of contributions, anyone can become an editor.

We are also launching our first set of video collections for Startups and Machine Learning — two topics that we deeply care about. These collections are curated lists of high quality videos, tagged by our smart algorithms and editors to demonstrate the usefulness of ClipMine.

The entire ClipMine team has been working towards this launch for the past 1 ½ years, but this is just the beginning. Next, we are focused on combining crowdsourced creativity with machine intelligence to create great quality video tags at scale.

We are looking forward to seeing how you’ll use ClipMine to make the video viewing experience better for your viewers. Sign Up and get started!